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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

Hello Everyone

This is cadet Himanshu Bhadouria of Rashtriya Military School Bangalore and I am here to share my Journey from a mere Dream to straight Recommendation.

I come from a humble background from a small city Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. My father is an Ex Army personnel currently serving in the Defence Service Corps and had given almost 25 years to this. Being an Army brat unlike others, it has given me a privilege to live in the Defence Environment from an early age and that has brought a spark in me to join defence forces.

In my father's Army serving tenure, he saw a prospectus about Rashtriya military school and told me about it which brought me one step closer to my Aim. Later I went to join the prestigious institution from class 6th. From there my life was totally spiralled for the better. As the school motto states, “Character is the highest virtue”, it surely gives justice with the life and environment that the Campus provided us. Comradeship between cadets, the discipline , sense of Responsibility and a never ending list. Whatever I am today, my school has played a huge role in it.

When I reached 12th standard I wasn’t able to clear NDA written in my very first attempt. I was much disheartened but always remembered that Persistence is the key to everything. As, my wonderful days at RMS ended, I appeared in the NDA written examination for the second time and this time also I was not able to clear it.

So for my next attempt, I directly went to Georgians defence academy and thereafter cleared my written exam. From here, I learned that your focus determines your reality. After that for the preparation of SSB I again went to Georgian academy.

In Georgians defence academy, they never try to impose their thoughts on you, rather they help us in identifying our strengths and weaknesses. They tell us to polish our strength and work on our weakness. Daily lecture and group discussion puffed with current affairs helped me polish my communication and made me walk my talk. Daily dose of motivation and feedback given after every activity by Kuwar pratap sir and Deepak sir was the highlight. They gave attention to each one of us and helped us to work upon our mistakes. Both of of them always used to tell us that we don't coach here but enhance the personality of an individual . The academy surely did Justice by producing such wonderful results at SSB. This is how I was able to get recommended from SSB at my very first attempt and for this, I thank both my mentors, and the academy. I will be failing if I don't thank my school, Rashtriya military school Bangalore and the fraternity there. In the end , all I want to say is that don't stop until everyone is proud of you.

Thank you everyone.

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