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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

Hello everyone,
I am Mohit Yadav from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. I completed my schooling from JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA JHUNJHUNU in 2019. Recently, I got recommended from 24 SSB Bangalore for TES-43 on 16 January 2020.Because of coming from a defence background i always wanted to join DEFENCE FORCES. So, it was the 2017 and i started my 11 class with PCM, then i get to know that two of my seniors have cleared the NDA written exam and then SSB also. It gave me a great motivation at that time and i started working hard to achieve my goal of becoming OFFICER in the ARMY. Whenever those seniors who were recommended for NDA visited our school, they shared their experience with us and motivated us. Actually, it was the first time in the history of our school that someone was going to join NDA.

When i entered 12th class I went to the GEORGIANS ACADEMY FOR PROFESSIONAL STUDIES in my summer vacation in May, 2018 on the reference of my seniors to prepare for my NDA written exam. After going there i found many other defence aspirants preparing there to achieve their goal. I prepared in the ACADEMY and gave my NDA exam in September, 2018. But i couldn't clear the exam because i couldn't do well in Mathematics.

After that i started focussing on my CBSE and also prepared for my next NDA exam. I also gave extra time to Mathematics from NDA point of view and took help of my teachers. In March 2019 i gave my board exams with full preparation and gave my best.

Then i again went to GAPS in April 2019 and prepared for almost 25 days for NDA-1 2019. I gave my 2nd attempt for NDA but again i couldn't clear it. Meanwhile i got my CBSE results and got 91 %. Then i started preparing for TES-42 SSB because i was sure to be called up for SSB. It was first SSB was so i was very much excited. I prepared well under the guidance of KP Sir, DEEPAK Sir and RAMANDEEP madam. I worked upon my communication skills and boosted my confidence by giving lectures and doing group discussions on various topics. I also worked upon my psychology test and practised for it daily. After preparing for 2 months i went to Bhopal for my TES-42 SSB on 6 August. But I could not do well and got screened out on 6 August 2019.

Even after getting failed in 2 written exam attempts and in 1 SSB, i kept on working hard due to guidance and motivation of KP Sir and support of my parents. I remember that after getting screened out, DEEPAK Sir told me that nobody becomes an officer in one or two months. You must consistently work on your personality and work hard to achieve your goal.

After having an unsuccessful attempt of SSB i started preparing for the forthcoming NDA written exam. I analysed my previous mistakes and get determined to clear the exam as it was my last attempt. I practiced previous year question paper with other students preparing there and cleared our doubts on regular basis.

On November 17 2020, i gave my 3rd attempt for NDA and cleared it. After that again i started preparing for my TES-43 SSB. This was also my 2nd and last attempt for TES SSB. So, i analysed my performance in previous SSB, worked upon my weak areas and started working hard in grooming my personality and boosting my confidence. I learnt something new every day from my surroundings, from other aspirants preparing there. I took every suggestion given by my mentors seriously and improved myself gradually and continuously.

After preparing for 1-month i went to Bangalore on 11 January. On 12 January 2020 my TES SSB started and i gave my best in every task. I got recommended on 16 January 2020 and I can't tell how happy i was on that day. When the officer who was announcing the results of conference called chest no. 5, i was about to burst with happiness. It was the best day of my life. And i remember KP sir saying they have made 2 officers from JNV JHUNJHUNU and they are searching for the third one. And fortunately, i became that 3rd one. And one most important thing that i learnt at GAPS is that whether you clear your SSB or not but you must be a better person first. Even if you couldn't join ARMY, you will live your whole life as an officer and that is the most important thing.

Now, i am waiting for the merit list and looking forward to join the IMA.

Jai Hind.

Mohit Kumar Yadav

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