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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

Hello everyone,
I am Cadet Dheeraj Dimathia, of Rashtriya Military School Bangalore (2013-20). I will be sharing my journey towards getting recommended with all of you.

Well, they say "Victory loves perfection and preparation”. A point to keep in mind. I hail from Jammu district of J&K and my father has been serving the Indian army for 30 years. Since my childhood, as most of the army brats are, I was too raised in a military environment. The discipline, the ethos, everything became a part of life in the early days. I did my schooling till class 5th from various Army Public Schools. I was in Class 5th when the game changer in my life came. There was this Georgian who met my father and suggested him the idea of sending me to Military school. The craze of Hostel Life inclined me more towards it. I went on to join Rashtriya Military School Bangalore in Class 6th and since then, a new version of life started. The school is a feeder institution to the N.D.A and aims to send its maximum cadets to various academies. The school has a well-planned routine, a great campus, and provides all round development to the cadets. Once and for all...I can say that the school has made me whatever I am today.... the discipline, the sense of responsibility, the adaptability, this school has taught us to go according to the situation, however hard it may by. The school shapes each part of our personality and has taught that the only competition in with yourself...if you master it, you will go far, really far. In a nutshell, we can say the school provides us a bumper offer of 1+1 free......the opportunity to fulfil your aim + a family beyond blood which is ready to stand beside you every moment of your life. GEORGIAN(as each one of is proudly called),it's not just a name, it’s a brand, a feeling, an emotion that unites each one of us, the inseparable bond we all have, the integrity, the sense of belongingness towards each other we have, is what defines us.

So, as we reached in class 12th, the final round of preparations started. We all were made to go through various classes, various mock tests and of course the brainstorming sessions with batchmates are the best. I believed that hard work is important, but smart work is a necessity used to plan things well in advance and always keep a rough plan in my mind on how to go further. 15 days before the exams, all we did was just lots of revisions and proper mock tests so as to have a feel of the examination hall (Afterall, it is the biggest exam for a Georgian after his 7 years of stay at school). After clearing the written exams, various people came to our school to give us an overview of the Services Selection Board, where one has to go for a 5 days selection procedure after clearing the written. Also, many of us go to various academies for various guidance programs. I went to Georgians defence academy for professional studies for the same. The name says it all. The days spent there were full of productivity and the best part was getting guidance by the seniors of our very own school. After all this and with the help of the teachers at my school and my batchmates, I went on to appear for the SSB at Selection Centre Central,21 SSB. I was quite confident, but a little anxious too. But then, the motivation by my friends was the best thing at that time and they were like - either you can fear it now or leave the fear aside and crack it.The short journey of 5 days undergoing the selection procedure, making new friends and bonds, was just awesome and will always retain a special place in my memories. On 7 Feb ,2020, I was recommended from 21 SSB Bhopal for NDA 144 course in my first attempt. And subsequently I cleared my medicals too. Talking about the dilemma of whether to prepare for SSB or not, I would tell you the words of an officer at the SSB. He told us "Gentlemen, you prepare for every exam in your life right, so why not for SSB. SSB is also an exam and before attempting it, you, for sure need some revision and an insight into yourself.So,those who do not make it this time, it is no harm in preparing and appearing next time.”. So I hope this point got crystal clear here. I would like to thank each helping hand for supporting me and motivating me at all times. A special thanks to my parents, my batchmates, my teachers and to K.P Sir and team. Some tips from my side to all the aspirants out there.......

  • Just be confident and have faith in yourself.
  • Never hesitate in learning something from anyone
  • Always keep in mind the reason why you want to go for it, it will keep you motivated
  • Be well informed all the times (especially about the profession you want to join).
  • Be well planned and keep things ready in advance, this will add on to your personality.

I wish each of the reader and defence aspirants all the very best and lots of good luck for your turn.

So dear friends - Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go!!!

And at last be cheerful, always have a smile on your face (This one is a pro tip)

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