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Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

Hello friends, I am AbhishekMani tripathi. I Completed my XII from Rashtriya Military school Bangalore in March 2018. In the School I was good in academics and average in sports. Initially when I joined the school, I had a lot of stage fear but with the help of my teachers and friends I was able to overcome that. The motivation to join army was there in me since my childhood as my father was in army. Every day I used to see him in uniform and the amount of respect he got from the society were the major factors. I cleared my SSB in 5th and 6th attempt for NDA and TES entry respectively.
My first SSB was at 24 ssb Bangalore where I was conference out. Before my second attempt I took guidance from my seniors and friends who recommended me to join Georgians Defence Academy for Professional studies in Delhi. I prepared well but when it came to performance I focussed more on result which affected my performance in GTO and I got Conference out. In My third and fourth attempt I got Screen out for technical entries, both due to my own faults. In the third SSB I kept waiting for my turn to speak in Group discussion which never came and in my fourth I spoke too much In PPDT discussion. After my fourth Attempt I got exhausted about my hard work not turning into result, so I returned home and restructured my whole schedule, started focussing on small things and started organising them in best possible way. I worked on my hobby and before my fifth attempt I again went back to Georgians defence academy and started from the scratch. I got my priorities cleared and started working towards my aim with full josh.
In the fifth attempt 59 candidates reported at SSB centre Allahabad out of which 36 got screened in. Day 2 was our Psychology where I was very comfortable due to extensive practice sessions at the academy. I could do all my stories on time as I could correlate all the stories to the activities I have done in my life; WAT was perfect and could do 35 SRT. Day 3 was GTO 1 which started with Group discussion which went well but it was the Group planning which went excellent. I was able to bring the group to a common plan with detailed solutions to each situation and was nominated by group to give Group Plan but gave the opportunity to another candidate who had raised his hand when asked by GTO. I did fairly well in PGT and HGT due to various brain storming sessions in academy. Individual lecture was perfect. I delivered it confidently. In Command task I was given quiet difficult task and with every time GTO kept asking alternate solutions and I was able to provide by keeping calm and using resources present as well as hidden. My Interview was on Day 4. It went smoothly. There were a few questions that I did not know and I told the interviewer the same with a smile. During the course of interview whenever I was wrong, I accepted the mistakes with Grace and explained the circumstances in crisp and clear way.
Next day the conference went for 15 seconds and finally the results were announced. The range of emotions that shot up cannot be expressed in words. The feeling of achieving ones dream is unparalleled to any other but one thing that but one thing I would remember for life is the tedious paperwork and the most satisfying sleep ever that night.
Exactly one month after that I had my army TES interview at 24 SSB Bangalore. Here 34 got screened in out of 294 candidates who reported. All 5 days went very smoothly and finally two candidates got recommended. I was one of them. Life has taken a full circle. The whole journey of SSB ended from where it started (SSB centre Bangalore). On a lighter note the score went (2-2-2) 2 screen out, 2 conference out, 2 recommendation. The main thing is to never give up, you never know when your lucky stars will shine and your hard work pays off. So grab every opportunity, prepare well and give your best and leave the rest on almighty. Whatever I have achieved today could not have been possible without the guidance of the people around me. At the end I am greatly thankful to Georgians Defence Academy For Professional Studies for showing me the path towards my aim, to my batchmates who stood up glowing beam of motivation, my seniors who kept on motivating to strike, my family which stood as a pillar at all times and last but not the least my Alma mater ( Rashtriya Military School Bangalore) because of which I am what I am.
Jai Hind

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